Keep OLPA Students Warm this Winter

Keep OLPA Students Warm this Winter

Our Lady of the Pillar Academy (OLPA) is in dire need of a new boiler system. The current boiler system is original to the school building, built in 1962, and is plagued with constant issues. We hope to make it through one more winter, but if we do it will be by the skin of our teeth.

In order to keep our students warm over the winter, we need to raise the funds for a new system ASAP. But the cost is not cheap: quotes for a new system have been in the range of $50,000.

To cover the cost of the boiler system, and account for any taxes, overages, and unforeseen associated costs, we are looking to raise $63,000. OLPA is a private institution that receives no financial support from the government, and where tuition alone is not enough to cover our operating expenses, so for a major expense like this, we rely solely on the generosity of benefactors.

Any amount is valuable and appreciated and directly supports our mission of providing authentically Catholic classical education.

All donations are fully tax-deductible, as OLPA is a charitable organization. You will receive a receipt following your donation.

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Thank you for your support!