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Our Classically inspired approach to Catholic Education

Our Lady of the Pillar Academy is an Independent, not-for-profit, grades JK-8, Catholic elementary school that enjoys Charitable status. We believe and support parents as the primary educators of their children. We provide a rich, Catholic educational experience, naturally and authentically presented. We follow a Classically inspired curriculum for students to achieve their intellectual and spiritual potential. Our Teachers are certified, experienced, and vibrant Catholics themselves. Our renovated facility is attractive and boasts many modern amenities not often found in a small elementary school. We are located on a beautiful 10 acre site just west of Strathroy, Ontario. We follow a full-day, five day per/week student attendance approach for all grades. Our faculty include a certified E.C.E. (Early Childhood Educator), experienced and OSC certified teachers; all led by our Head of School and supported by our school administrator. We have a custodian and are pleased to share that our added needs are met through the generous efforts of many, many volunteers!

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School History

Our Lady of the Pillar Academy (OLPA or Pillar Academy) was founded by a small group of parents in 2012 as a not-for-profit, Catholic elementary school. They originally hired a single certified teacher to group-school their families’ combined children in a rural setting at an available, vacant home. With the expansion of the school enrollment and with interest expressed by many in future enrollment, the Board of Directors began an intentional search for an available location more suited to the demand. The location came in the form of a previous public school; Metcalfe Central, located west of Strathroy.  An offer and several counter offers took place with Providence favoring the original founding families.  An offer was accepted, the school was carefully renovated and beautified and the teaching staff expanded. Following the end of the January-June 2015 single semester, new goals were set by the incoming Board of Directors and members at their annual members meeting. The Board was expanded from 5 to 7 volunteers and included parents and non-parents filling the 7 positions. In September 2016, enrollment was further expanded and some support staff were added.

In the years since our school’s founding, the original student body and our teaching staff have continued to expand! Following new fundraising initiatives and marketing efforts by the Board of Directors and OLPA members, OLPA now offers full-day Junior and Senior Kindergarten, a five day/week student curriculum for all grades JK-8. OLPA is continually examining and revising how we operate to better align ourselves with the needs and expectations of the Catholic and Christian community that we serve.  As a member of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools, our school’s policies and processes are bench-marked against other leading, educational institutions and constantly being improved. We hope to continue to meet the growing demand for a parent-advised, volunteer Board-led, independent, Catholic elementary school. A portion of all tuition and 100% of the generous donations made to OLPA by donors receive a charitable tax receipt.